Mum of heart defect baby appeals for donations

By Beatrice Nita Jay
May 31, 2019 @ 4:50pm

KUALA LUMPUR: After going through a heartbreaking miscarriage during her first pregnancy two years ago, Bobina Surik, 23, was overjoyed when she conceived again last year.

However, her hopes were dashed when her newborn baby boy, Arnold Merican Vikever, was diagnosed with the transposition of great arteries, where the major heart vessels have switched places.

The 8-day-old baby has already had open heart surgery to allow him to breathe comfortably.

He needs to undergo an arterial switch operation to attach the two major blood vessels to their appropriate pumping chambers.

The surgery will cost RM60,000.

“After my first miscarriage, I thought everything would be fine, especially when doctors did not detect any complication or defect when I was carrying him,” Bobina told the New Straits Times at the Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur Hospital today.

“I had no complications throughout my pregnancy.

“However, when Arnold was born, doctors noticed that his breathing and crying were abnormal.

“He was immediately taken away from me, and doctors flew him to Kuching Hospital for the initial surgery as the hospital I delivered him in Miri did not have the expertise to conduct the necessary surgery.”

Bobina said she almost fainted when the doctors told her about her son’s medical complications.

“Even now, I am still quite dazed. I am only hoping for a smooth operation.

“Doctors advised for the surgery to be conducted immediately, but we are facing financial constraints.”

She said her husband, Vikevar Edward Jubin, 28, an offshore scaffolder, was the family’s sole breadwinner.

“It breaks my heart to see him being pricked with a needle whenever blood needs to be drawn or whenever he needs medication.

“But, I leave everything to the doctors and I trust them,” said Bobina.

Those who wish to help can send cheques made payable to the Media Prima-NSTP Humanitarian Fund with the patient’s name written on the reverse side of the cheque and addressed to: Group Corporate Communications Department, Media Prima Bhd, Level 1, Anjung Riong, Balai Berita, 31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The public may also send their donations to Maybank current account number 5141-0532-3170.